Gabriela, “I thought you were the most professional, unbiased and firm CFI we have ever had. I feel you did not allow yourself or anyone you interviewed to give unnecessary information, drag you into conflict nor did you ever falter in getting the answers you were specifically looking for.  I felt that you pressed necessary buttons to see how people respond and kept your mind clear until you needed to make your final recommendations. I feel you were very fair in attributing conflict to both parties as I do believe it can’t happen by yourself but in the end I think you saw enough to see where we could both improve.  Most importantly I think you listened and was the voice for our  two children,  who have been the ones who suffer the most and really needed to have their voices heard.  I think you came in as a parent yourself and with your combined training, tried to put yourself into their shoes, see where their lives are and how they could be improved.  You watched out for them; you protected them. Much like the work I am sure you do with animals and their respective rights.   You stated some things no one wants to hear (“you need to improve, you play a role….”).  You didn’t care who liked you, who didn’t. You did your job and you did it well. I would say the same even if your recommendations were different.  I feel you were very fair, to the point, and there was no BS.  I would be happy to recommend you to anyone I know;  happy to assist in helping by letting you know how the recommendations pan out and how the kids are fairing.  I can’t say I thank you enough, but I finally feel like someone listened to BOTH sides and considered everything that affects our children, seeing through what once seemed like “blind spots” to the court system.  We need more people like you. Kids need more people like you. Thanks, Gabriela, for being and staying professional and doing what you do so well.”

Dr. C, a parent in a case where Gabriela was appointed as the family’s third CFI.



I want to take this opportunity to express my deepest, heartfelt gratitude, to you, Gabriela.  Your report is well stated, thorough, and fair.  A couple of times during our conversations you said “I get it”.  I agree.  You definitely did.  This means a great deal to our family, and more importantly, to E’s future.  This is a pivotal point in E’s life.  Our goal is to give her the support and guidance she needs to excel, so she will have a chance to experience a life full of opportunity and abundance.  Your work has made a huge contribution to that effort.  I cannot thank you enough.

Warmest regards,”


This is from a parent in a case where the judge appointed Gabriela as CFI


“Gabriela, I would not hesitate in using you again in another case or recommending you to my colleagues, and I already have.  I thought both your testimony and report were balanced and fair.  I, and I know the Court, appreciated your thoroughness.  The judge was very complimentary about your work and report / recommendations.  He said that your recommendation was the best solution to a very difficult and tough situation.   I can not think of one thing about your investigation or report that was troublesome.  Honestly, the case should have settled, particularly because of your report and recommendations.   In the end, the judge ordered APR almost exactly down the line of your recommendations.   Thanks again for your work in this case and working with my client prior to my entry of appearance.”

K.R. Esq. commenting about Gabriela’s CFI investigation


“Hello Gabriela,

I went over the report last night and am not sure what is proper here but I wanted to say thank you very much.  I know you are a neutral party but there is nothing on earth that could make me happier than that report today.  More than anything because I feel it is the truth and accurate.  I can truly say I have never seen a more difficult but rewarding process now that I see the finish line.  You are a wonderful person and I truly appreciate all of your hard work!

Thank You”

This is from a parent in a case where the judge appointed Gabriela as CFI


“Solamente, quiero darle las gracias, por hacer esta investigacion, por todo su tiempo, su ezfuerzo y toda su dedicacion, esto para nosotros es una esperiencia nueva, pero que nos va ayudar mucho para el future y para el bien de los niños. De verdad, muchas gracias y que dios la vendiga a usted y a su familia.”

[I just want to thank you, for an efficient and thorough investigation, for all the time you spent working with our family and all of your dedication.   This was a new experience for us but it will help us a lot for the future and for the sake of the children.  Really, thank you very much and may God look after you and your family.]

This is from a parent in a case where the judge appointed Gabriela as CFI


“I am pleased to give Gabriela Sandoval my highest recommendation for professional service.  Gabriela is a great communicator and has a style which embodies compassion, diligence and knowledge.  I am confident that any client would receive the same service that I did and would be completely satisfied with the results.”

M.M. of Colorado Springs, Colorado


“Gabriela has true compassion for animals and children, and for the people who love them. I greatly admire her for the expertise and caring she devotes to her work every day. Our case was – by far – not one of the more heart-wrenching or extreme she has handled, but we received the same care and attention as her more urgent cases. I really appreciated – from day one – her kindness and patience, and her willingness to devote time to finding the answers we needed. Legal matters of any sort can be so overwhelming and frightening, and to find someone who can help you through the stress and uncertainty is indeed priceless. Gabriela understands that when a family member – either a child or a companion animal – is in peril, nothing else will do but utter attention every aspect of the case – both legal and emotional. We considered her a true blessing during our difficulties, and to this day return to her for additional advice, which she provides without delay whenever needed. I would whole-heartedly recommend her to anyone.”

C.B.W. of Denver, Colorado


“Gabriela has a keen sense of the laws that protect your children and animals. I found her compassion and support throughout the entire process very comforting. I highly recommend that you contact her if you feel your children or pets are at risk or have already been violated.”

C.H. of Centennial, Colorado


“Hello, I am sending this to say:

Thank you so much for helping me — u guys change[d] my life and my view [of] the world.  You guys help[ed] me and my family so much.  I am thankful u guys were in my life.  This day was so happy because my case got closed so, I want to [say] thank u to my team and my other team. I know that I will always have you guys in my life. I know we had a lot of bumps in the road but we did it!  Keep doing what you guys are doing because it help[ed] me and my family and you guys will help other families [too].

Thank you for all the support you’ve shown
Thank you for all your letters
Thank you for coming to see me
Thank you for your love
Thank you for helping me get through this
Thank you for being there for me
Thank you for showing me what love actually is
Thank you for giving me the spirit to get through everyday
Thank you for thinking about me
Thank you for the laughs
Thank you for your beautiful smile
Thank you for sticking up for me
Thank you for having my back
Thank you for everything
But better then all
Thank you for being YOU…

Thank you from [my] family”

From a youth that Gabriela represented as Guardian ad Litem