See you in court (again)

Even years after divorce or separation, you may find yourself in family court.  Child support, parenting time, decision-making responsibilities – they may need to be officially modified by the judge.  A CFI may be appointed to investigate one or more of the issues at hand and make a recommendation in the best interest of your child.  Circumstances (or your ex!) may have changed from when you initially separated.  Kids continue to develop and as they grow, their needs change too.  Keep adult conversations between adults only – putting your kid in the middle is inappropriate and can be harmful in many ways – impacting them negatively into adulthood.  Learn healthy ways to manage any stress or anger you feel about going back to court.  Identify and use family and friends to support you.  Try your very best to have healthy communication with your ex – consider putting your guard down.  Maybe they will too and maybe you’ll come to some agreements about what is best for your child.  If that is not the case, do your very best to respond timely and maintain a civil tone and approach with your ex and his or her attorney.  Keep any negative feelings you have away from the kids.  Take a deep breath and remember – this too shall pass.

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