Wrongful Death

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Beloved family members affected by the tragic loss of a loved one may suffer heartache, confusion, fear, worry, rage, deep sadness and financial devastation. The grief and loss that beloved friends and family members experience during this time of bereavement is real. Gabriela Sandoval & Associates, LLC is here to help beloved family members during this dark time. We are here to remove some of the burdens that come with such devastating loss and to help surviving family members rebuild their lives after tragedy.

We offer a free initial consultation and are here to listen to your story. We investigate your claim and navigate the complex legal processes for you while protecting your rights and pursuing justice for child and adult victims of wrongful death.

In the event that an adult or a child dies or is killed by negligence, reckless behavior or intent to cause harm, close surviving family members may have a legal claim against the responsible party.  Many types of injuries and accidents form the basis of wrongful death claims.  The impact of the loss of financial support to the surviving family members of an adult victim can be financially devastating.  The circumstances surrounding the death may be so outrageous that punitive damages may be available and just in order to punish the person or entity responsible for causing the victim’s death.

Gabriela Sandoval & Associates, LLC is here to help surviving family members in need.  If your family needs to consult with a wrongful death attorney and determine the extent of your legal rights for financial compensation to ease the burden of loss of life, contact us today for a free legal consultation.  We are here to advise you, pursue your legal rights and justice for victims.