Practice Area: Guardianships



A guardian is a person that is appointed by the court, for a child, to make important decisions when the parents cannot. The guardian may make decisions about such things as where the child attends school and which doctor the child will see. A guardian will also be able to obtain important records related to the child. The court determines the scope of the guardian’s roll and will set any limitations.

If assistance is required as to managing the child’s financial affairs, the guardian may also be appointed to serve as “conservator”. However, if the guardian cannot provide that assistance, a separate conservator may be appointed by the court to look after the child’s assets.

A guardian ad litem is an attorney appointed by the court to represent the child’s best interests.

Regardless of the type, the responsibilities of a guardian are great, and any person wishing to serve or wishing to have a guardian appointed, should become fully aware of a guardian’s legal responsibilities and the implications of the guardianship.