Practice Area: Pets & Housing Issues


Pets & Housing Issues

A variety of issues relating to pet ownership arise in the context of a residential lease or community living. No-pet policies may interfere with your right to care for and live with your companion animal. Depending on your particular situation, you may be able to keep your pet despite a no-pet policy or lease provision. On occasion, no-pet provisions may violate public policy or even state or federal law. Did your landlord say you could have a companion animal despite the contrary lease provision? Did the landlord know you had a pet but didn’t do anything about it until now? Is caring for your pet necessary for your mental or physical health? Were you able to have pets when you moved in and now there is a prohibition on having pets upon renewal of your lease? If any of these issues apply to you, there may be a legal remedy which will allow you to keep your home and your best friend.

For an in-depth exploration of major legal issues relating to companion animals and housing, see “No Pets Allowed: Housing Issues and Companion ♦Animals” (PDF) by Professor Rebecca J. Huss.