Gabriela Sandoval is pleased to provide mediation services for parties in need of dispute resolution.  Mediation is an ideal way to approach a problem, difficult relationship, potential legal dispute or during litigation and prior to trial.  Mediation is cost-effective and can be empowering for each party.  The goal of mediation is for the mediator to assist with communication and foster an understanding of differing perspectives and interests while helping each party brainstorm and evaluate potential solutions.  Mediation is a safe environment where you will approach your dispute from a new angle, as the discussions are confidential, cannot be used in court and are facilitated in a physically and emotionally safe environment.  If you are in dispute or disagreement about a Colorado state or federal legal issue, consider mediation as a quick and cost effective way to attempt to resolve your dispute.  Litigation is expensive and can take months (or years)!  Court is stressful and escalates conflict.  Get help with your conflict and then move on.  Contact Gabriela Sandoval to learn more.