CFI Lists and New Caps on Fees

Several changes to CFI requirements and practice became effective in 2012.  One major change from previous years is that as of March, CFIs are required to undergo federal background checks and must be approved and listed on a statewide roster maintained by the Colorado State Court Administrator’s Office.  As of July, local counties are publishing their own CFI lists.  A CFI cannot be appointed in your case unless they are on both the local list and statewide roster.  In addition, a CFI cannot accept a state-pay case (where parties meet certain financial guidelines) unless he or she is specifically approved and listed by the Colorado Office of the Child’s Representative (OCR).  Another major change is the state cap that now applies to CFI fees.  Because of the new cap, having a CFI appointed in your case is more affordable than ever.  For specific information about hourly rates and retainers, contact the CFI directly.  Private cases are now capped at $2,000 for investigation and report writing and $500 for testimony and preparation.  Note that the CFI may request excess fees above and beyond the caps in situations where extraordinary circumstances exist.  Caps and excess fees in state-pay cases are set exclusively by the OCR.

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