Injury and Wrongful Death

Child Injury

Gabriela Sandoval & Associates, LLC is focused only on representing victims of injury and wrongful death.  When children are injured, it is highly traumatic especially if there is permanent damage and life-long care involved.  Babies and children are injured in a variety of contexts — the trauma and damage can be devastating and possibly affect the child’s entire life.  It is critical to thoroughly investigate and assess how the injury came to be, who is responsible and obtain an accurate explanation of the short and long term effects of the injury.   It is imperative that the child is properly examined by medical personnel as soon as possible and as recommended to ensure the best results for healing and maximum improvement.  Gabriela Sandoval has a passion for helping children and families in their time of need.  She will work to ensure the responsible parties are held responsible and diligently pursue your legal rights to the fullest extent of the law.  Gabriela Sandoval associates with reputable and experienced personal injury trial attorneys and experts who are available to help you obtain the legal remedies and financial awards you need and justice you and your child deserve.  Gabriela Sandoval wants responsible parties held accountable for their actions in an effort to ensure such devastating damage doesn’t happen again.  To schedule your free consultation contact Gabriela Sandoval & Associates, LLC at [email protected]