Child Injury

What to do if your child is injured in a motor vehicle accident

Being involved in an accident can be very frightening and traumatic for everyone involved, especially children.  If you and your child are involved in a motor vehicle accident, stop at the scene or as close to the scene as possible.  Do your best to keep your child comforted and at ease but do everything in your power not to move your child because that may worsen their condition if their head, neck or spine has been injured or if they have suffered fractured or broken bones.  Ask if they can move their limbs and do your best to assess their mental awareness by asking easy questions they know the answers to.  Write down or record a list of all of your immediate injuries and complaints.  If your child is able to explain their own injuries and complaints, write them down.  Keep these lists handy because new complaints caused by the accident may arise at a later date.  Call police/911 at the scene, even if the at-fault drive tries to convince you otherwise.  Call a family member or friend who can come and help you immediately.  Write down the other driver’s full name, address, phone number and the color, make and model of their vehicle as well as the license plate number.  Write down their insurance company contact information and policy number.  Get the names and contact information of people who observed the accident.  Take a variety of pictures of the scene or have your family member or friend do so.  Make sure you get pictures of the entire scene and surrounding area.  Do not delay seeking medical attention for yourself and your child.  Either have an ambulance transport or get to the ER or clinic, with a pediatrician on staff.   Contact the driver’s insurance company to report the collision and for the limited purpose of opening a claim.  Give your name and contact information and their insureds name and contact.  State that you are concerned you and/or your child have been injured.  Then say thank you and goodbye and that you have other matters that need your attention.  If they want to record the conversation or ask you more questions about the accident tell them you need to speak with them at another time and after you’ve spoken with your child injury attorney.