Co-parenting from afar

When one parent lives a significant distance from the other, it can seem difficult for the child and non-residential parent to stay connected, present and involved in each others’ lives.  The good news is that nowadays, there are so many ways to help mitigate the reality that after separation or divorce, one parent moves away.  [...]

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See you in court (again)

Even years after divorce or separation, you may find yourself in family court.  Child support, parenting time, decision-making responsibilities – they may need to be officially modified by the judge.  A CFI may be appointed to investigate one or more of the issues at hand and make a recommendation in the best interest of your [...]

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How do I get a CFI appointed?

The CFI needs to be appointed by the judge assigned to your case.  If you have an attorney, discuss this option with her.  If you are representing yourself, you can ask the judge to appoint a CFI.  You can ask the judge during a hearing or you can file paperwork to request a CFI.  Check [...]

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What is a CFI anyway?

A CFI (Child & Family Investigator) is appointed by a judge to investigate and make recommendations about contested issues in a family court case.  The CFI’s role is as an investigative arm of the court and is specifically investigating the best interests of the child or children involved.  Although the CFI performs the investigation and [...]

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