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CT Sup. Ct. Rules ICPC Inapplicable to Parents

The Connecticut Supreme Court ruled today that the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC) does not apply to parents. This important decision means that kids do not have to linger in foster care, waiting for a parent’s home (out-of-state parent) to be investigated and cleared before that parent can take custody of his/her children.  In the case at issue, two children were removed from their mother by CT Social Services.  Father, resident of Pennsylvania, came forward immediately to obtain custody of his children.  The trial court ruled the ICPC applied and as a result, children were placed in foster care for months until the ICPC investigation and process had been finalized as to father.  Father appealed to the CT Supreme Court and won today.  Congratulations!  Hopefully this will pave the way for other jurisdictions to make the same finding.

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