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How can a CFI help me?

Do you really want someone appointed by the judge in your divorce case to stick their nose in your family business?  Your first response is most likely, “No”.  However, a Child & Family Investigator (CFI) will put the focus back on your kids.  And focusing on them is what is most important in the long [...]

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What is a CLR?

The Child’s Legal Representative (CLR) is an attorney in a domestic relations case, appointed to represent the child’s best interests (as opposed to the child’s wishes – although, as a rule – I think the child’s wishes should be expressed to the court unless there are special circumstances indicating otherwise).   The CLR does not file [...]

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Television & Other Media: Resist the Urge

Infants and toddlers need to physically explore their environments through play, direct contact and interaction.  This critical stage sets the foundation for timely and proper cognitive development which will later lead to important milestones including proper motor skills, language development and the ability to problem-solve.  Although TV, media and electronic devices abound, they are not [...]

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In Colorado, if you have kids and you’re involved in divorce or allocation of parental responsibilities (“APR”) litigation, you may need to consider whether a Child and Family Investigator (“CFI”) or Parental Responsibilities Evaluator (“PRE”) needs to be appointed in your case.  You may also be faced with the fact that the appointment may happen [...]

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Try to settle if you can…

Even after you’ve become entangled in custody related litigation, you can discuss with your attorney (or if you’re pro se, with opposing counsel) the possibility of settlement as opposed to going to trial.  If a CFI (Child and Family Investigator) is appointed in your case, the written report may be a good tool to use [...]

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High Conflict Divorce

The negative impact of high conflict divorce on children is real.  It can be scary, stressful, confusing, frustrating and exhausting.  It can lead to disruptions in comfort and routine, problems at school and create behavior changes and/or aggression and withdrawal.  Such changes may lead to unstructured and unhealthy risk-taking behaviors.  Children may likely suffer a [...]

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Baby Mama

When you have kids but never married your ex, you still need to consider having an official court order as to parenting time and decision-making responsibility.  The parenting plan and court orders will help to ensure clarity and consistency.  Hopefully you and your ex can figure out a way to co-parent easily but the plan [...]

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The CFI – my new best friend?

Nearly every parent involved in parental responsibility litigation wants to make a good impression upon the Child & Family Investigator appointed in their case.  However, the CFI is not, cannot be, and will not become your new best friend.  The Child and Family Investigator’s role is very clear in that the CFI provides recommendations in [...]

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Quality Time

As you already know, playing with and spending quality time with your kids is essential to the relationship you create with them.  It is also essential for their cognitive and emotional development in many ways.  This will mean different things depending on their ages but children and youth of all ages need this time with [...]

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Parenting and Mental Illness

A mental health diagnosis does not necessarily preclude a parent from being designated the primary residential caretaker, having parenting time or being allocated decision-making responsibility.  The issue isn’t the illness itself but how the illness impacts that parent’s ability to identify and meet the needs of his or her children on a consistent basis.  If [...]

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Child & Family Investigator

To learn more about my work as a Child & Family Investigator, visit my CFI blog by clicking on the blue CFI blog button located on the Home page.

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You have kids. You’re getting divorced. Keep this in mind…

Divorce is difficult for everyone.  Parents make it even harder on their kids when they continue fighting or pointing fingers in blame.  When parents can’t communicate with each other in a healthy way, the kids suffer.  If parents can’t speak directly for one reason or another, communication through a professional intermediary may become necessary.  Kids [...]

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Divorce & Children with Disabilities

When parents who have a special needs child divorce, it is imperative that the new routine and environment meets the unique special needs of the child.  For example, frequent changes or transitions between homes may be especially detrimental for a child who has a difficult time dealing with disruptions to her regular routine.  A well thought out [...]

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CT Sup. Ct. Rules ICPC Inapplicable to Parents

The Connecticut Supreme Court ruled today that the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC) does not apply to parents. This important decision means that kids do not have to linger in foster care, waiting for a parent’s home (out-of-state parent) to be investigated and cleared before that parent can take custody of his/her children.  In the case at issue, two children were removed from [...]

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CFI Lists and New Caps on Fees

Several changes to CFI requirements and practice became effective in 2012.  One major change from previous years is that as of March, CFIs are required to undergo federal background checks and must be approved and listed on a statewide roster maintained by the Colorado State Court Administrator’s Office.  As of July, local counties are publishing [...]

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