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Rafting Safety: A little Boy from Golden, Colorado Goes Missing in Arkansas River

A rafting trip can be great family fun.  Ensure the rafting company you chose adheres to basic safety rules and standards of care. Boat and Equipment Preparedness Test new and different equipment under familiar conditions before relying on it for difficult runs. This is especially true when adopting a new boat design or outfitting system. […]

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Child Injury

Gabriela Sandoval & Associates, LLC is focused only on representing victims of injury and wrongful death.  When children are injured, it is highly traumatic especially if there is permanent damage and life-long care involved.  Babies and children are injured in a variety of contexts — the trauma and damage can be devastating and possibly affect […]

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Driving while distracted can lead to death or permanent child injury

Yet another hot car death of a child in the news today.  A horrific accident.  Distracted driving is everywhere these days.  Distracted driving is not just texting while driving — it is also not being mentally focused.   As you’re getting in your car to drive, focus on your task at hand.  Turn off your phone.  […]

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Injuries to Babies and Children

Babies and children are injured in a variety of contexts — the trauma and damage can be devastating and possibly affect the child’s entire life.  It is critical to thoroughly investigate and assess how the injury came to be, who is responsible and why.    Gabriela Sandoval has a passion for helping children and families in […]

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Help build a healthy brain for your child!


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So-called “No Kill” Agenda in Colorado: Slowly Killing Anyway

The April CLAW Caucus will focus on the Colorado No-Kill Pet Animal Act ballot initiative, which may be on the ballot this November.  Come to the State Capitol (RM 112) this Thurs. April 17, 2014 from 12-1:30. Things are heating up regarding shelter animals and the misleading “no kill” debate.  Proponents of this “no kill” […]

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Regardless of what issues are in conflict, mediation is about assisting parties who want to try and resolve their disputes out of court or before trial.  Gabriela Sandoval will assist you in defining your own interests, encourage brainstorming of new and creative ideas specific to your issues and carefully evaluate ideas so that you reach […]

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Denver Makes Top Ten List: Worst Zoos for Elephants

Denver Zoo (Denver, CO)—What a Load of Bull. The Denver Zoo set a dangerous precedent in 2013 by bringing a young bull from Europe, making Billy (Budi) reportedly the first imported Asian elephant in more than 30 years. It’s no secret that housing male elephants is a challenge, but adding to their numbers to bring […]

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Reduced Fee Mediation Services

Child & Animal Law Offices is offering pro bono/reduced fee mediation services as a public service through the end of February only!

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CO Marijuana Law: Important Info. for Parents

Although it is now legal for adults (21 and over) to purchase and consume marijuana, that doesn’t mean you can smoke weed without potentially devastating consequences.  Responsibility is key.  Marijuana is regulated and some people still can’t smoke it legally in this state (including people under 21 and people on probation).  Just like alcohol or […]

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Mediation is a process

Mediation can happen once or over multiple sessions.  I have found that oftentimes, at least one party is convinced that mediation will be a waste of time and money only to find afterward that it was actually a process worth having.  In fact, and to their surprise, these same people frequently decide that an additional […]

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Waterbirth finally comes to Denver

Denver Health just announced that they now offer a water birth option for expectant mothers.  It is the first hospital in the City of Denver that offers water birth.  The University of Colorado Hospital in Aurora and Mountain Midwifery in Englewood also offer water birth options.  Each location has their own policies as to who […]

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Colorado Animal Lawyer and Pet Mediator

Mediation is a very attractive alternative to pet and other animal litigation.  Litigation is costly and time consuming and mediation offers disputing parties an opportunity to work with a professional neutral who will facilitate a safe environment, confidential discussion and assist in focusing self-determined parties on understanding each others interests.  During your pet or animal […]

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Special Master/Court Appointment

Available for Special Master and related court appointments in an effort to help resolve complex issues that arise during animal-related litigation.

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Colorado Pet Mediation/Arbitration

Gabriela Sandoval is a Standard Member of the Mediation Association of Colorado (theMac). She is currently accepting new mediation clients and her practice focuses on animal and pet related disputes including pet custody, Landlord/tenant/HOA, dog bites, “viscious” animal allegations, injury or death of animals, alleged veterinary malpractice or negligence, consumer affairs and deceptive trade practice […]

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