Gabriela Naomi Sandoval

Gabriela Sandoval has experience working for large for-profit corporations, nationally recognized non-profits including Outward Bound, Environmental Defense and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. She has also worked for Colorado state government and private law firms. Gabriela is licensed to practice law in Colorado and Virginia although her practice is Colorado specific. After reflecting on her previous employment and volunteer experiences, she turned her mission to advocate for the most vulnerable members of our society into a reality by launching her own child and animal focused law practice in October 2007. No stranger to pro bono work, Gabriela volunteers on a regular basis with local organizations including Project Safeguard and also serves on the Board of Directors of local non-profit, Rocky Mountain Animal Defense.

Few other attorneys in Colorado can provide their clients with the level of satisfaction, expertise and responsiveness that Gabriela Sandoval is willing to provide.

In addition to dedicating time to do pro bono work for the Rocky Mountain Children’s Law Center, participating in the intensive CASA training program and volunteering for other organizations, Gabriela Sandoval had made time to attend trainings on ethics, litigation strategy, juvenile and animal law. She is serious about staying informed for her clients. During her first three years of practice, she managed to accumulate twice the number of continuing legal education credits required by the Colorado Supreme Court. She was also a participant in the highly recognized National Institute for Trial Advocacy in 2007 in addition to attending the National Association of Counsel for Children’s child welfare law conference in beautiful Keystone, Colorado.
In July 2007, Gabriela was offered a contract with the Office of the Child’s Representative where she is dedicated to providing high quality legal representation and advocacy to children and youth who need it most.

Born in San Francisco, California, Gabriela is really an east coast girl at heart, growing up in Hamden, Connecticut.She earned her undergraduate degree from the Colorado State University, located in Ft. Collins, Colorado and her law degree at University of Denver, Sturm College of Law.

Gabriela Sandoval is a member of the Colorado Bar Association, Colorado Trial Lawyers Association, and National Association of Counsel for Children, American Bar Association’s Center on Children and the Law, and Denver Bar Association.

While she works long and hard for her clients, you might find her rubbing the bellies of her favorite companion animals, Nina & Chloe, or enjoying her favorite dessert which is Soy Dream ice cream. Including travel to Mexico and Australia, Gabriela’s passion for life knows no bounds. But her first and foremost passion is helping individuals and families in need of a child and animal welfare attorney.

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