Practice Area: Veterinary Malpractice


Veterinary Malpractice

Veterinarians in Colorado are regulated by the State Board of Veterinary Medicine. Prior to seeking remedies in a Colorado court, the Board has the authority to hear the matter and render a decision. Among other issues, the Board may hear matters related to incompetence, negligence, or other malpractice in the practice of veterinary medicine. The Board will likely conduct an investigation and may hold a hearing which could end in disciplinary action, suspension, or revocation of a veterinarian’s license to practice. Note that the statute of limitations on actions brought against veterinarians in Colorado is two years from the time the action accrues.

Typically, what must be proved in a malpractice or related action is that the veterinarian was under a duty of care toward the animal, that the level of care was below the standard normally acceptable by other professionals in that same field, that the substandard care was the reason for the injury, and as a result, the injury to the animal resulted in damage to you, the caretaker.