New CFI Presumptive Cap updated: 2016

As of January 1, 2016 the CFI presumptive statutory cap on fees for investigation and report writing is $2,750.  The presumptive statutory cap on fees related to CFI work performed in preparation for testifying in court remains at $500.  Any CFI may request excess fees as necessary.  Gabriela Sandoval works to identify with parents, counsel and the court the issues and statutory factors that need to be investigated and specifically outlined in the Court’s Order of Appointment.  Clearly identifying these issues at the beginning will assist parents in knowing how much they will invest in the CFI process and set the correct path for the investigation from the start and avoiding delays and unanticipated expense.  Gabriela Sandoval attempts to assist parents in keeping the investigation as cost effective as possible.  For more information about Attorney Sandoval’s approach to Child and Family Investigation or for a copy of her resume, contact her directly today.

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