Child & Family Investigation

Gabriela Sandoval serves as a Child and Family Investigator throughout the Denver Metro area.  She is a Board Certified Child Welfare Law Specialist and former Guardian ad Litem (GAL) who served the best interests of children in Dependency & Neglect Cases.  Her approach to Child and Family Investigation is to effectively identify the issues and relevant statutory factors that need investigation and analysis; review parental concerns and history in a Parent Questionnaire; meet and interview each parent; communicate with references and collateral sources; visit the parent and child along with other residents in each parent’s home; review records and other relevant information and; finally, draft a report with conclusions and recommendations the family can utilize to assist in settlement negotiations and/or in court.  Gabriela Sandoval routinely testifies in court during Domestic Relations hearings as needed and when settlement negotiations fail.  Her objective is to draft recommendations that serve in the best interests of the children.

Attorney Sandoval assists parents, attorneys and courts in need of child advocacy in divorce and separation legal proceedings.  Her focus and objective is to discover the best interests of the children and comply with the Chief Justice Directive that guides all of Colorado’s Child and Family Investigators.  Gabriela has the training, experience and resolve to identify the children’s needs.  In addition to serving children and youth whose parents reside in Colorado, Gabriela also serves in cases where one parent lives out-of-state or desires to relocate.

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About Gabriela Sandoval

Child Injury Attorney, Child & Family Investigator and Board Certified Child Welfare Law Specialist